The sand and gravel production line exported by our company to North Korea has begun production

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North Korea’s sand and gravel production line equipment has begun large-scale production. The sand and gravel production line has a high degree of automation, low operating cost, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, low pollution, easy maintenance, and the produced machine-made sand meets the national construction sand standard. The particle size is uniform, the shape of the particle is good, and the matching is reasonable.

The stone material is initially crushed by the coarse crusher, and then, the produced coarse material is transported by the belt conveyor to the fine crusher for further crushing. The finely crushed stone material enters the vibrating screen to screen out two kinds of stones, which meets the requirements of the sand making machine's feeding particle size. The gravel is filled with machine-made sand, and the other part is returned to be finely broken.

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