The pressure ball drying production line with an annual output of 200,000 tons is sent to Yuncheng,

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The production line is fed by a loader to the production line, and is conveyed to the mixer via a belt conveyor to fully mix the materials, water, and adhesives. The vertical grinder is responsible for crushing the particle size of the material to less than 5mm to make the material easier to shape. The briquette ball press is responsible for pressing the evenly mixed materials into balls. The finished ball that has just been pressed is a wet ball. At this time, the belt conveyor transports the finished wet ball to the mesh belt dryer, and the mesh belt dryer dries the wet ball to make the wet ball dry to a moisture below three. Dry balls, the dry balls are conveyed to the packaging machine by the belt conveyor, and the finished dry balls are measured and bagged.

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