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Introduction:The sand making machine produced by our company has many names in the use of users all over the country. Some places are called composite crusher, some are call.....

Product Description

The sand making machine produced by our company has many names in the use of users all over the country. Some places are called composite crusher, some are called sand making machine, and some are called composite breaking machine. China has a vast territory and rich resources, and different cultures have different names for this equipment. However, no matter how it is called, it is the same product and a common sand making host in the sand making industry. It is a fine crushing and coarse grinding product that integrates similar crusher technologies and designs the main technical parameters. It is mainly used to crush cement raw meal and clinker in medium-sized cement plants. It provides an ideal fine crushing equipment for technical transformation of cement plants or new cement production lines. It is also suitable for iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, blast furnace slag, coal gangue Crushing of lump coal and other medium hard ores.


Product Advantage

The sand making machine is usually composed of nine parts: feed hopper, distributor, vortex crushing chamber, impeller, main shaft assembly, base, transmission device and support, lubrication system, etc. The following is a detailed introduction to these nine parts.
1. Feed hopper
The structure of the feed hopper is an inverted pyramid (or cylinder), the feed inlet is provided with a wear ring, and the incoming material from the feeding equipment enters the crusher through the feed hopper.
2. Distributor
The distributor is installed on the upper part of the vortex crushing chamber. The function of the distributor is to divert the materials from the feed hopper, so that part of the materials directly enter the impeller through the middle feed pipe, and are gradually accelerated to a higher speed to be ejected, so that another part of the materials bypass into the outside of the impeller in the vortex crushing chamber from the outside of the middle feed pipe, The high-speed materials ejected from the impeller are impacted and broken without increasing power consumption, increasing production capacity and improving crushing efficiency.
3. Vortex crushing chamber
The structural shape of the vortex crushing chamber is an annular space composed of upper and lower cylinders. The impeller rotates at high speed in the vortex crushing chamber. Materials can also reside in the vortex crushing chamber to form a material lining. The crushing process of materials occurs in the vortex crushing chamber. The material lining separates the crushing action from the vortex crushing chamber wall, so that the crushing action is limited to the materials, Play the role of wear-resistant self lining. The observation hole is used to observe the wear of the wear-resistant block at the emission port of the impeller channel and the wear of the lining plate at the top of the vortex crushing chamber. The observation hole shall be tightly sealed when the crusher works. The distributor is fixed on the upper cylindrical section of the vortex crushing chamber. The impeller rotates at high speed to generate air flow, and an internal self circulation system is formed through the distributor and impeller in the vortex crushing chamber.
4. Impeller
The impeller structure is a hollow cylinder made of special materials, which is installed on the shaft head at the upper end of the main shaft assembly. The conical sleeve and key are connected to transfer the button distance and rotate at high speed. The impeller is the key component of HX vertical impact crusher. The material enters the middle of the impeller through the middle feed pipe of the distributor at the upper part of the impeller. The distribution cone in the middle of the impeller evenly distributes the materials to each emission channel of the impeller. At the outlet of the emission channel, a wear-resistant block made of special materials is installed, which can be replaced. The impeller accelerates the material to the speed of 60-75m / s and ejects it, impacting the material lining in the vortex crushing chamber for strong self crushing. Upper and lower flow channel plates are installed between the cone cap and the wear-resistant block to protect the impeller from wear.
5. Spindle assembly
The main shaft assembly is installed on the base to transmit the power transmitted by the motor through the V-belt and support the rotating movement of the impeller. The main shaft assembly is composed of bearing seat, main shaft, bearing, etc.
6. Base
The whirling crushing chamber, main shaft assembly, motor and transmission device are installed on the bottom seat. The structure shape of the base is square prism space in the middle. The middle of the square prism space is used to install the main shaft assembly, and discharge channels are formed on both sides. The double motor is installed at both longitudinal ends of the base, and the base can be installed on the support or directly on the foundation.
7. Transmission device
The belt transmission mechanism driven by single motor or double motor (above 75kW, double motor transmission) is adopted. The two motors driven by double motor are installed on both sides of the main shaft assembly respectively. The two motor pulleys are connected with the main shaft pulley by belt to balance the force on both sides of the main shaft without generating additional torque.
8. Support
Depending on the workplace of the crusher - outdoor operation or indoor operation, support or no support can be considered.
9. Lubrication system
Mobil vehicle grease is used for centralized lubrication. The lubrication parts are the upper bearing and the lower bearing of the main shaft assembly. In order to make oil injection convenient, the oil pipe is led to the outside of the machine for regular oil filling of the oil pump.

Product Parameter


Working Principle

The materials vertically fall into the high-speed rotating impeller from the upper part of the machine. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, they are separated with another part in the form of umbrella. The materials around the impeller produce high-speed impact and crushing. After the materials collide with each other, they will form eddy currents between the impeller and the casing, collide and rub with each other for many times, and discharge directly from the lower part, It forms a closed circuit for many times and is controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the required particle size of the finished product

(1) The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure and low operation cost. Using the principle of stone beating stone, the wear is small.
(2) High crushing rate and energy saving.
(3) It has the functions of fine crushing and coarse grinding.
(4) It is less affected by the moisture content of the material, and the moisture content can reach about 8%.
(5) The working noise is lower than 75 dB (DB level), and the dust pollution is less.
(6) Suitable for crushing medium hard and extra hard materials.
(7) The product is cubic, with high bulk density and little iron pollution.
(8) Impeller self lining has small wear and convenient maintenance.

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