Nickel ore powder briquetting machine

Capacity:10,000 to 300,000 t/y......

Introduction: Nickel ore powder briquetting machine can be used to press various powders, powders, waste, etc. Waste residue is widely used in refractory materials, power pl.....

Product Description

 Nickel ore powder briquetting machine can be used to press various powders, powders, waste, etc. Waste residue is widely used in refractory materials, power plants, metallurgy, chemical, energy, transportation, heating and other industries. It is an ideal equipment for enterprises in the utilization of industrial materials.

Finished spherical
      The nickel ore powder briquetting machine can produce square, ball-egg, round, goose-egg, pillow and other spherical shapes for users to choose from. The special ball press sphere can be defined by our company according to the needs of users. The finished product sample is shown in the figure below:

Product Advantage

Product Potential

1. It has the characteristics of high pressure, automatic feeding and convenient operation. The finished ball has high density, high strength and high hardness.    
2. It has strong technical support, advanced process configuration, strong technical force, fine processing, complete testing equipment, and excellent equipment quality.    
3. Nickel ore powder ball press equipment has high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Product Parameter

 technical parameter

model Hourly production
Roll width
Roll diameter
Spindle speed
WL-360 2-4 250 360 7.5 18
WL-400 4-8 280 400 11-15 15
WL-500 8-11 300 500 18.5-22 13
WL-650 11-18 336 650 20-30 13
WL-750 18-25 400 750 45 13
WL-850 25-35 500 850 75 10 
WL-1250 35-70 650 1250 130 10

Working Principle

  Principle structure

The specific working principle of the nickel ore powder briquetting machine is that it is transmitted to the reducer through the v-belt, and the reducer is connected to the coupling. The transmission is transmitted to the driving shaft and then by a pair of open gears to ensure the synchronization of the two roller shafts (constant speed reverse) Among them, the piston of the passive roller hydraulic cylinder is supported (constant pressure type is supported by the inclined iron), the system pressure is guaranteed by the hydraulic circuit, the hydraulic control valve and the accumulator, and the material enters the hopper of the forming machine evenly from the storage bin through the quantitative equipment , Through the adjustment of the adjusting gate on the hopper, the material enters the middle of the roller uniformly, and the unit molding pressure of the material is compressed by the roller at constant speed and reverse rotation, and the molding pressure at the center line of the roller reaches a large After the material crosses the line, the forming pressure decreases rapidly so that the material enters the ball-off state, and the ball is off-ball smoothly.
The equipment is mainly composed of three parts: 
1. The feeding part is mainly to realize quantitative feeding to ensure that the material evenly enters the roller room. If the feeding amount is too large, the electric power of the feeding device will be overloaded; if the feeding amount is too small, the ball will not be formed. Therefore, skilled operation skills are an important condition to ensure the normal work of the pressure ball.    
2. In the transmission part, the main transmission system is: motor-triangle belt-reducer-open gear-roller.   
3. The forming part mainly refers to the main machine part, and the core part is the roll. This machine can adjust the pressure according to the requirements of the pressure ball density, and the production is flexible and flexible.
Supply requirements
1. The particle size should not be too large so as not to affect the molding quality. 
2. Any hard metal objects such as nails, stones, etc. are not allowed in the material. Otherwise, the surface of the roller skin will be damaged.
3. The material supply must be sufficient, and an adjustable-speed screw feeder should be used. Observe the amount of returned material to adjust the supply of new material.
Process flow
  Raw materials---Feeder (vibrating screen)---Crusher----Batching machine--Double-shaft mixer---wheel mill---Feeder— Refractory ball press machine---Drying Dry machine-finished product warehouse (the specific equipment composition depends on the actual production situation) process flow introduction:
 1. Nickel ore powder: ore powder is an important metal powder in the metallurgical industry. 
 2. Feeder: Control the amount of the entire production line to ensure uniform feeding and uniform feeding of the molding machine. 
 3. Double-shaft mixer: It can fully mix with the adhesive evenly, control the amount of the whole production line, and ensure that the molding machine feeds evenly.
 4. Nickel ore powder ball press machine: the ore powder materials are pressed into balls to ensure the strength and density of the ore powder into balls, and the finished product is ready. 
 5. Drying machine: It is an ideal drying equipment that uses the characteristics of mineral powder and the gravity of the mineral powder to dry the powder pellets to the requirements of blast furnace smelting with low temperature and large air volume.

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