Iron oxide sheet ball press machine

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Introduction: When the iron oxide scale ball press machine is used for forging and hot rolling of steel, due to the reaction of steel and oxygen in the air, a large amount o.....

Product Description

 When the iron oxide scale ball press machine is used for forging and hot rolling of steel, due to the reaction of steel and oxygen in the air, a large amount of iron oxide scale is often formed, causing accumulation and wasting resources. If these resources are used rationally, production costs can be reduced, and at the same time it can play a role in environmental protection and energy saving. The iron oxide skin ball press machine presses these materials into balls, achieving the purpose of convenient transportation, efficient utilization, control of bulk density, and turning waste into treasure. At the same time, the iron oxide ball press machine can also have an ideal molding effect on steel slag, iron fine powder, aluminum ash powder, silicon chrome ore powder and other materials. 



Product Advantage

 Product Potential

 1. One machine for multiple purposes. The range of pressing materials is wide and the molding effect is ideal.    
 2. The roller of the iron oxide ball press machine produced by our factory adopts 9 chromium 2 molybdenum vanadium hard materials, which has good wear resistance.    
 3. The product quality of Weilit Iron Oxide Ball Press is excellent, and at the same time it is energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, efficient, and simple and convenient to maintain.
 Finished spherical
       The oxidized iron sheet ball press can produce a variety of spherical shapes, such as square shape, ball-egg shape, round shape, goose-egg shape, and pillow shape, for users to choose. The special ball press sphere can be defined by our company according to the needs of users. The finished product sample is shown in the figure below:

Product Parameter

  technical parameter

model Hourly production
Roll width
Roll diameter
Spindle speed
WL-360 2-4 250 360 7.5 18
WL-400 4-8 280 400 11-15 15
WL-500 8-11 300 500 18.5-22 13
WL-650 11-18 336 650 20-30 13
WL-750 18-25 400 750 45 13
WL-850 25-35 500 850 75 10 
WL-1250 35-70 650 1250 130 10


Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without notice. For more detailed information, please contact us for free, thank you!

Working Principle

 Principle structure

      The iron oxide ball press machine transmits the power to the two press rollers at the same time through the reducer, and makes the two press rollers rotate towards each other. During the rotation of the two press rollers, the material enters the ball mold on the press roller. When the rollers rotate, the pressure on the material is slightly larger and larger. When the material rotates to the line contact point of the two rollers, the pressure on the material has reached its peak value. Under the action of huge linear pressure, the material changes from powder to finished ball.
    Pellet application
1. In the chemical industry, iron oxide scale is extracted and iron scale is supplied to chemical plants to produce iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron trichloride, ferrous sulfate, etc.
2. The main raw material for manufacturing ferrosilicon alloys to smelt ferrosilicon alloys is steel scraps. The annual consumption of steel scraps for smelting ferrosilicon alloys in the country is about 2 million tons. The process of replacing steel scraps with iron oxide scales for smelting ferrosilicon alloys has been mature and has been applied.
3. Iron oxide scale, the raw material for sintering, is a good auxiliary material for sintering. On the other hand, FeO in the iron oxide scale will emit a lot of heat during the process of combustion and oxidation to Fe2O3.
     The solid fuel consumption can be reduced and the sintering productivity can be improved at the same time.
Suppression requirements
1. The granularity requirement of the iron oxide ball press machine should not be too large to avoid affecting the molding quality.
2. Avoid excessively hard impurities such as nails and stones. So as not to damage the roller skin.
3. To be stable and uniform in feeding.
Manufacturer remind
       When choosing an iron oxide ball press machine, the customer must purchase the appropriate model according to their actual production requirements. At the same time, pay attention to the correct use of the machine, especially the maintenance of the iron oxide ball press.

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