Is the load of the slag ball press related to the life?

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The life span of the slag ball press is inseparable from the quality of the equipment, and is also closely related to the user’s use. Under the premise that the manufacturer guarantees the quality of the equipment, let’s understand the relationship between the load and the life of the slag ball press .

    The size and nature of the working load of the slag ball briquetting machine have an important influence on the loss process of the machine. Generally speaking, the wear of parts increases in proportion to the increase in load. When the load on the part is higher than the average design load, its wear will increase. In addition, when other conditions are the same, stable load has less wear than dynamic load, fewer failures, and lower life.

    To ensure the normal working load of the slag ball press machine mainly depends on the operator's use of the ball press machine. First, pay attention not to work under a larger load than the machine can withstand, and to use the machine within the capacity. As the manager of the ball press, when appointing the operator, you should hand over the random information and operation manual of the ball press to the operator so that they can master the mechanical properties and operating procedures normally, and should not buckle down the relevant information at will . Second, we must try our best to ensure the uniform increase and decrease of the mechanical load, so that the machine is in a relatively smooth load change. Specifically, it is to increase and decrease the throttle more evenly to prevent the engine and the working device from moving up and down.

    Compared with the operation of the slag ball press engine under unstable load and stable load, the wear of its cylinder will be twice as large. The engine working under normal load has a lower failure rate and a prolonged life. On the contrary, the overloaded engine will have a significant increase in the incidence of failures, and the service life will be less than the design index. The amount of wear of machinery that is often in a wide range of load changes is greater than that of machinery that works continuously and stably. Under normal circumstances, the engine used in the slag ball press has a longer life than the engine used in the granulator and slag equipment.

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