ydraulic ball press has good economic and social benefits

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 The hydraulic ball press is a kind of mechanical equipment that can squeeze powdered materials through high-pressure counter-rollers. The hydraulic ball press can be used to press coal powder, mineral powder, gypsum, coke powder, carbon powder, iron powder, iron oxide scale, fluorite powder, manganese ore powder, aluminum powder, sludge, lime, refractory materials and other mineral powders and chemicals Material powders are widely used in coal plants, steel plants, power plants, chemical plants, cement plants and other enterprises, as well as in metallurgy, chemical, energy, heating and other industries. The finished product pressed by the hydraulic ball press can be made into round, oval, oblate, pillow, square and other shapes, and can also be customized according to user requirements. The materials compressed by the hydraulic ball press are easy to transport, improve the utilization rate of waste materials, and have good economic and social benefits.

    The hydraulic protection device uses a hydraulic pump to drive high-pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder to cause the piston to produce axial displacement. The front joint of the piston rod rests on the bearing seat to meet the production pressure requirements. When there is too much feed between the two pressure rollers or metal blocks, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder will be overloaded, the hydraulic pump will stop, the accumulator will buffer the pressure change, the overflow valve will open to return oil, and the piston rod will shift The gap between the pressure rollers is enlarged so that the hard objects pass through the pressure roller, and the system pressure returns to normal, which can protect the pressure roller from damage. This machine can adjust the pressure according to the requirements of the pressure ball density, and the production is flexible and flexible.

    Due to the forced extrusion of the roller, the product has the characteristics of high density, high strength and high hardness. The press roller of this machine adopts 650mn hard material, which has good wear resistance. Effectively improve the service life of the pressure roller.

    The hydraulic ball press is a new generation product developed based on the development direction of domestic and foreign counterparts, integrating the advantages of similar ball presses, and making full use of various mature technologies. The whole machine has strong rigidity. The pressure roller is forged with wear-resistant alloy, the bearing adopts rolling mill bearing series, quenched and tempered, and the hydraulic system is matched by a regular manufacturer. The practical application of hydraulic ball press is very wide. It can produce briquetting agglomerates of various materials and powders, such as cryolite, alumina, fertilizer, magnesium powder, bauxite, aluminum ash, etc.; and non-ferrous metal industry Powders, auxiliary materials, powders in the refractory industry, and high value-added materials are more suitable for use.

    This series of ball presses transmit power to two press rollers at the same time through a reducer, and make the two press rollers rotate in opposite directions. During the rotation of the two press rollers, the material naturally enters the ball mold on the press rollers. When the rollers rotate, the pressure on the material is slightly larger and larger. When the material rotates to the line contact point of the two rollers, the pressure on the material has reached its peak value. Under the action of huge linear pressure, the material changes from powder to finished ball.

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